5 BWC staff, along with 30 other participants from different DOLE offices, were trained by the Red Cross in First Aid Courses and  Basic Life Support-Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation  last September 14 – 19 2015 at the Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC).


First aid is among the most basic responses to accidents in the work place. Its importance cannot be overstated since knowledge on basic life support can spell the difference between life and death during accidents in the workplace in instances when medical aid is still on its way.


The BWC, as the main advocate of safety in the workplace, requires establishments to at least have a full time first aider (for hazardous workplaces with 1 to 50 employees, for non-hazardous workplaces with 1 to 99 workers). Living up to its advocacies, the BWC sent 5 of its technical staff to train in First Aid to better perform our task as custodians of workplace safety.


Ms. Jenny Obien, Mr. Arnel De Mesa (of PMTSSD), Ms. Elyza Sañoza, Ms. Euniz Garcia (of OD) and Ms. Alea Gaela (of PPDD) attended the First Aid course which included topics on:


1.    Basic Life Support/ Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation(CPR)


2.    First Aid measures to common medical and surgical emergencies such as:


a.    Fractures and soft tissue injuries (including bandaging techniques)


b.    Acute poisoning


c.    Anaphylaxis


d.    Penetrating chest injuries


e.    Cervical spine injuries


3.    Proper transfer of injured patients


The course also included a simulation of a bombing scene where the participants had to “rescue” the “victims” sporting a variety of injuries as a final hands-on exam.


 The First Aid training taught me the standard procedures on saving people during emergency situations to ensure their health and safety. And how being resourceful, observant, empathetic and appropriate teamwork can save a life”. Said Ms. Garcia, one of the participants from the BWC when asked what she took away from the training.

            Aside from the knowledge on First Aid, the training also boosted the morale of the participants as an individual and as a public servant. As Ms. Gaela put it “To help, to give service, to save lives—you have to give a part of you. (Giving First Aid) is the same with delivering public service”.



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