1. Roster of the workers (regular, probationary, temporary, casual, piece rate, contractual, etc.), their designation, date hired, and wage rate;

2. Payrolls and/or vouchers;

3. Daily Time Records and/or Time Sheets;

4. Payslips;

5. Last Notice of Results, if any;

6. Proof of payment of 13th month pay/ five (5) days service incentive leave pay;

7. Proof of payment/remittance of SSS/PHILHEALTH/HDMF contributions;

8 Registration under Rule 1020 of the Occupational Safety and Health Standards;

9. Certificate of Accredited Safety Officer/First Aider;

10. Organization of Safety & Health Committee under Rule 1040 of the Occupational Safety and Health Standards;

11. Annual Work Accident/Illness Exposure Data Report/Annual Medical Report;

12. Drug-Free Workplace Policy and Program (D.O. 53-03)/HIV/AIDS Program/Anti-Sexual Harassment Law;

13. Apprenticeship Agreements/Learnership Agreements, if any;

14. List of Resident and Non-resident alien workers, their citizenship, nature of employment and status of stay;

15. Employment permit for Non-resident alien(s);

16. Registration of resident alien(s);

17. Collective Bargaining Agreement, if unionized establishment;

18. Registration under Department Order 174 (or 18-A) for Job Contractors;

19. Service Agreement under D.O. 174 (or 18-A);

20. Contractor's Bond to answer for wages due to the workers;

21. Employment Contracts with physicians, dentists, nurses and/or first aiders, if applicable;

22. Contract with infirmary and emergency hospitals, if applicable;

23. Proof of service charge distribution, if applicable;

24. Records of leave benefits on sickness, maternity, paternity and solo parent;

25. Company policy and/or practice on voluntary benefits; and

26. Securities and Exchange Commission Certificate or Department of Trade and Industry Certificate and Mayor’s Permit.