All the world’s a stage. This famous metaphor quote of William Shakesphere was literally demonstrated by the youth from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila and De Lasalle - College of St. Benilde Pep Squad as they performed a "flash mob” with lyrics written to highlight the core messages on promoting OSH among young workers

The youth had spoken. Life for the youth is indeed more than selfies and the social media. Using the hashtag  #OSHangGustoKo, they called on the government, the workers group and the employers to strictly implement OSH in all workplaces. Dr. Ma. Teresita S. Cucueco, the Bureau of Working Conditions Director represented the government side in this event.

The DOLE had long recognized the youth as a primary moving force for change in society. The Department lauded the International Labour Organization (ILO) SafeYouth@Work Project’ as they had gathered the major workers’ Unions, the Government, ECOP, the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, Philippine Red Cross, and other Peoples’ Organizations in this one rare event. “For a change, we all advocate the message of Safety and Health,’’ was Dr.Cucueco’s first words. Then turning serious she acknowledged the potential solid partnership the stakeholders may have with the youth. “The wisdom of the pioneers and the strength, resilience and vigour of the youth, when combined, becomes a necessary component to effect changes on the implementation of OSH in all workplaces,” She then challenged the audience to help the DOLE in its campaign on OSH and to do also their share in carrying out OSH in their respected workplaces.

OSH is a human and workers right; the neglect or denial of OSH amounts to an infringement of workers’ rights to Decent Work. Thus, the drive is for a state of economic and social well-being and conditions where all work is carried out in a safe, healthy environment and in conditions of freedom, equality, security and human dignity. The responsibility of the stakeholders therefore is to rally and lead the youth to OSH and continue to work hard for the culture of health and safety in the workplace, so that we will stand rock firm and make fresh and greater contribution to our country’s workers.