§  Checklist of Requirements

§  Application For Installation / Fabrication

·         Application for Boiler Installation

·         Application for Crane and Hoist Installation

·         Application for Internal Combustion Engine Installation

·         Application for Power Piping Lines Installation

·         Application for Pressure Vessel Installation

·         Application for Steam/Gas/Hydro Turbine Installation

·         Application to Construct Hoistway and Install Gates or Doors

·         Application to Install Elevator/Manlift/Dumbwaiter

·         Application for Wind/Turbine Installation

 ·         Application for Boiler Fabrication

·         Application for Pressure Vessel Fabrication

§  Permit to Install / Operate

·         Crane/Hoisting Equipment Operation Permit

·         Elevator and Related Equipment Operation Permit

·         Internal Combustion Engine Permit

·         Gas Turbine Operation Permit

·         Power Piping Line Operation Permit

·         Pressure Vessel Operation Permit

·         Steam Boiler Operation Permit

·         Steam Turbine Operation Permit

§  Manufacturer's Data Report for Unfired Pressure Vessels

§  Manufacturer's Data Report for All Types of Boilers

§  Crane and Hoist Safety Inspection Report

§  Power Piping Lines Inspection Report


§  Checklist of Requirements

§  Application for Electrical Wiring Installation

                           § Certificate of Electrical Inspection


Schedule of Fees